We are so happy you happened to stumble upon our page! Andy and I (Kaylee) cannot wait to meet you, but first here are some details about us.


Our mission is to photograph life events with a charming and natural feel and to produce photos in tune with nature, architecture, and movement. Even saying those three words make us excited. 


We believe: in-between moments are the most beautiful ones to capture, photos should be printed, and all people should feel beautiful and loved. For that reason, we’ve found the best photos come when people are at ease. 


Our hope is to make you feel comfortable & seen. That’s why our approach doesn’t require you to pose yourself or live up to the expectations of others. We like to use sessions and weddings as a timeframe to enjoy the people you are with. 


You know that feeling when you look back at an old image and you can remember exactly how you felt in that moment? That time you sat and drank a glass of wine with your soon-to-be husband because the nerves hit and sitting there holding hands was the best plan of action? Or that one time your grandpa came up and hugged you after the ceremony with the biggest smile on his face? We love those kinds of moments too and will “bust a butt” to get there. 


Andy and I are a combo - he’s an adrenaline junky and I’m the “enjoy the little things” kinda person. When we aren’t working, we are pretending to be home designers, shopping at the local farmer’s market, or planning last-minute dinner parties.


We try not to take life too seriously and believe channeling our inner child is the best way to live in the moment. 


Enough about us. Let’s hear about you two!!

Our style 

A is a fusion of thoughtful textures, natural tones, and authentic emotion. 


We scout every location with the client's lifestyle and preferred taste in mind while partnering with the geographic region in order to evoke a rich tapestry of art

Our greatest desire is to create a calm and uplifting space that allows for at-ease, organic moments, not stiff performance-based posing. 



Contact us

Tel: 623.986.7040

Email: kayleechelseaphotography@gmail.com