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"There are three ways to ultimate success:
The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind."
- Mr. Rogers



Maddi + Keith

Andaz Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona


"It is hard to put into words how grateful we are for how Kaylee and Andy helped create and capture our special day. They made such an impact in the most amazing time of our lives. From the first moment we spoke/met with Kaylee and Andy, we could feel they're down to earth, eager to have fun, and their passion for capturing love, and instantly we knew it was a good fit. They are the kindest souls and have such a calming presence which is very welcome during what can be a high-pressure environment (hello wedding stress!). They are so easy to work with, but also FUN to work with-they made taking pictures, not at all awkward, we could not stop laughing/smiling during both our engagements and wedding day. They saw our visions perfectly and we could not have asked for a better duo to have been our photographers!"


Caity + Johnny

The White Barn

San Luis Obispo, CA


"Kaylee and Andy are the absolute best! They are not only two of the most amazing photographers, but they make your entire wedding day magical. They are SO much fun to be around and make everyone feel so comfortable. They were the biggest blessing to my husband and I. The photos are just beautiful and timeless. 10000/10 would recommend them for your wedding day. My family loved the photos so much my brother and sister booked them for their weddings. Kaylee & Andy were a gift to our wedding. BOOK THEM!"


Christine + Marques

El Chorro

Paradise Valley, AZ



"Kaylee and Andy are incredible photographers— we cannot recommend them enough. We found them on Instagram and fell in love with their style. When we met them in person for coffee, we instantly knew they were going to be the perfect photographers for us. We had them do our engagement photos and wedding photos, and it was truly the best decision we made in our entire wedding planning process. Kaylee and Andy are special, amazingly talented individuals — they made us immediately feel comfortable during our engagement photoshoot, even when my fiancé and I were unsure how to pose and scared we might look awkward. They made the entire experience fun, interactive, and carefree. When we received our engagement photos we were truly blown away! They captured our love perfectly and made us even more excited for the big day— we knew that on our wedding day we would never have to worry about our photos coming out any less than perfect!

On our wedding day, Kaylee and Andy truly went above and beyond to capture all our favorite moments and make our entire wedding party and families feel just as comfortable as we did. Our friends and family still rave about how incredible Kaylee and Andy were on our wedding day, and the photos truly speak for themselves! My favorite photo they captured was just after the ceremony ended when we were celebrating with our wedding party and my husband snuck a kiss in a crowd full of energy and joy. This is the difference between a good photographer and a GREAT photographer— the ability to capture those special, spontaneous moments that last only for a moment in time but become timeless memories in photos.

If you are researching photographers for your special day, stop looking and book Kaylee and Andy immediately! You will not regret it"


Sierra + Brett

Regale Winery

Los Gatos, CA 


"I remember before getting engaged I had found Kaylee & Andy through a mutual friend on instagram and once we started wedding planning the ONLY thing I knew I wanted was to use them for our photography. We had the pleasure of working with them for both our engagement photos and our wedding and it was the BEST decision we could have made. When our engagement shoot came around we had no clue how to "model", but Kaylee & Andy showed us how to pose and what to do with our hands haha. They have a special way of making it fun.
I was nervous we would get our photos back and we would look awkward in all of them, but that was the complete opposite! They somehow made us look like professionals and the photos turned out beyond stunning! We have our engagement photos printed all over our house (we are maybe a little too obsessed with them). They made the wedding process seamless as well. The day of our wedding when we did our first look, it was like they weren't even there and they captured the most emotional photos of my husband and I. I remember my husband hadn't eaten much that day, so Andy ran to his car and grabbed a protein bar for him to snack on to tide him over until we could eat. It's the little things these two do that makes working with them so worth it. They are SO funny and they do the craziest things to get the best shots and really know how to make you feel comfortable. Getting our wedding photos back was like reliving the day all over again and they even got photos of moments I didn't know happened. I wish they could follow me around for all life's big moments! Thank you Kaylee & Andy for producing the most amazing photos we will cherish forever and ever! Do yourselves all a favor and book them for your will be so happy you did."


Kathy + Steve

Yosemite Elopement

Yosemite Valley, CA


"As a wedding floral designer, photography was one of the most important aspects to us, when planning our elopement in Yosemite last year. Finding someone who not only capture our special moments candidly, we wanted to ensure the photos would stand the test of time. Prior to finally finding Kaylee and Andy, I’ve talked to a handful of other vendors that just didn’t seem to be what I was looking for- passionate, personable, and detail-oriented.

Neither one of us has ever been to Yosemite, but I was so impressed with the research and effort Andy and Kaylee put into creating a seamless timeline for our big day. Not to mention, their flexibility and compassion when we’ve had to make a last-minute decision to postpone our elopement from May to September, due to inclement weather. Their communication and efficiency were never lacking, therefore we knew we were in great hands! The day finally came when we got to meet them for the first time at Yosemite, but it felt as though we’ve all been friends forever.

Thanks for being such a fun bunch! We’ve missed working with you guys!"


Amanda + Garrett

Santa Barbara Historical Museum

Santa Barbara, CA


"100% best decision of our wedding planning was to hire Kaylee Chelsea Photography. My husband is a photographer himself and it was difficult to find a photographer that he approved of & was in our budget. We both fell in love with Kaylee & Andy’s style from their Instagram and then after talking with them over FaceTime, we knew that we would enjoy spending our day with them. You will inevitably spend a good amount of your day with your photographers so I can't stress enough how important it is to make sure you enjoy the person's company. I love how great of a team Kaylee & Andy are and how well they go with the flow. My fiancé got a random bloody nose after our sunset pics and Kaylee got out of the car in the middle of traffic to get him napkins!! They also stayed later than contracted which was so nice of them and shows their flexibility and dedication to making sure you get your whole day documented. I could go on and on about the reasons we love Kaylee & Andy but the most important reason to book them is that you will love your wedding photos. I know we will cherish ours for our whole lives and that is absolutely priceless."


Natalie + James

Orcutt Ranch

West Hills, CA


"Kaylee & Andy-these two are pure gold. They are so kind and beyond talented at what they do and we could not have picked better wedding photographers. They instantly felt like old friends and truly added more joy to our wedding day. The passion for what they do is so evident and they went above and beyond every time we {virtually} met with them. They really tried getting to know us, asking us fun questions (& letting us reciprocate), then they amazingly helped us create our whole wedding timeline + really worked with us to make sure we got what we wanted out of our photos. Thanks to them, we got our dream wedding album. When James and I first received the album, we looked through it for an hour and a half straight- lots of crying, screaming and laughing was involved. We were and always will be so in love with how they turned out. I know when we are old and gray, we will still scream, laugh and cry just as we did when we saw them for the first time because the album is just that good. Thank you Kaylee & Andy so much for all your hard work!!!"


Erica + Jeff

Villa del Sol D’oro

Sierra Madre, CA 


"My fiancé and I just had the most amazing experience with our engagement photos out in the Arizona desert! It almost felt like I got married that day by the amount of joy and happiness that Andy and Kaylee made us feel from the entire experience. At first we were feeling a little nervous because it was seriously one of the coldest, windiest, and rainiest days in Phoenix this year. Not only was I wearing thin material dresses, but I had put a lot of pressure on myself to get good photos, especially after spending the entire day getting all glammed up for this important shoot. As soon as we met up with Andy and Kaylee, they completely took all of that stress away. Not only are they the sweetest couple duo, but they display so much confidence and we felt so comfortable while they were taking our photos. I'm so ecstatic that they will be doing our wedding photos because this was the best day ever!!"

KAPA0950 (1).jpg

Alyssa+ Connor

The Country Club at DC Ranch

Scottsdale, AZ 


"Kaylee and Andy turned our wedding photo dreams in to a reality. From the moment we met them and then stepped in front of their camera, they made us feel completely comfortable and had us non-stop laughing! They not only captured our wedding day beautifully but they also captured all of the emotions of the day, our relationship and who we are as people. We wouldn't trade our experience with Kaylee and Andy for the world and are eternally grateful for them!"


Rachel + Cory

The Leelanau School

Glen Arbor,MI 


"Kaylee and Andy are absolutely AMAZING. I cannot recommend them enough. They shot our wedding in Northern Michigan during a torrential downpour (like worst case scenario weather), and they still somehow managed to make our outdoor wedding look magical. Every single photo in our album was stunning. Not only were their photos incredible, but we were also super impressed with how they managed the day. They took charge of the schedule and made sure to get all of the shots that we had planned while also sticking to our timeline. They made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed with their fun personalities, and we had multiple people tell us throughout the day and afterward how impressed they were with Kaylee and Andy. We are so grateful to have been able to meet them and work with them. They truly have a gift!"

Lorrana Jake Full Wedding Album-Bridal P

Lorrana + Jake 

Santa Barbara Historical Museum

Santa Barbara, CA


"Kaylee & Andy were by far our favorite vendor. We are so happy we found them, not only are they crazy talented but they are so sweet and such a fun and easy-going couple that made the whole experience super enjoyable. They went above and beyond with taking the time to really get to know us and our style and also scouting for beautiful places around our venue to get the perfect bridals. Our photos turned out so beautiful and we are absolutely in love with them."

ANDY1515 copy.jpg

Melissa with Novelty Events

The Mission Inn

Riverside, CA 


"Kaylee and Andy are an incredible team! First of all, you will love them as soon as you meet them! They are so down to earth and genuinely sweet souls. As a husband and wife team, they know exactly what the other is thinking and work seamlessly together. Kaylee even climbed on top of Andy's shoulders to get that perfect shot at my bride's wedding! And the photos??? Don't even get me started! The photos are absolute perfection! They know just how to capture the emotions and the genuine love between their couples. The couples always look completely natural and at ease. They are organized with a plan when they arrive and an absolute joy to work with. Hire them now. It will be one of the best decisions you can make."


Serafina + Daniel

Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá

San Diego, CA 


"Kaylee and Andy were by far one of the best decisions I made in planning our wedding. From when we first reached out to them I knew immediately I had to have them take our wedding photos! We were separated by states as we lived in WA and they live in AZ, so Kaylee and Andy set up a FaceTime call so we could get to know each other before we finalized our wedding photographers (how fun!). After we got off FaceTime my (now) husband and I immediately knew they would be so amazing and had to have them photograph our special day. They were so outgoing and genuinely nice. Throughout the planning process, this all became so much more apparent. Half way through the engagement, they were in Seattle for work and we met up with them for coffee. It was so thoughtful of them to meet up with us while they were here on their own time! On the day of the wedding, Kaylee and Andy were truly incredible. They were so in sync with one another, it was amazing to watch! I knew I wanted a married couple as our photographer and seeing them work together just validated why! They were so fun and creative with their shots and getting everyone to feel comfortable in front of the camera. If I had to do it all over again, I would hands down pick them to be our photographer, we love them and their amazing photos!!"


Lissy + Jason

Private Estate on Coast

Cayucos, CA 


Kaylee & Andy are the real deal!!! They love their job, the couples they get to photograph, and they do an AMAZING job at it. They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and to capture your day to the best of their abilities and our wedding photos are unbelievable! on top of all that, they are so fun and so genuine and they fit right in with our fam :) We LOVED working with them and can't say enough good things!

Christina Kristopher Wedding-Ceremony-0151.jpg

Christina + Kristopher

The Royal Palms

Phoenix, AZ


"Kaylee + Andy are the dream photographer couple to work with. As a bride, there are so many things that go into making your day beautiful, and each one is important but after the day is done what you are left with are the memories. When my husband and I received our full wedding album we were moved from tears to laughter as we re-lived the whole day. Not only are Kaylee + Andy the most fun and kind-hearted couple to be around, but they truly produce quality work. They scouted several different locations for our second-day bridal shoot until we found the spot we loved, and she took into account the vision that we shared. No detail went unnoticed, and I cannot rave enough about how happy I am that we chose Kaylee + Andy for our wedding. Our wedding day photos captured every aspect from the day and second-day bridals are a literal DREAM. I would not consider myself photogenic whatsoever, but Kaylee + Andy are so much fun to be with and you quickly forget that you're being photographed but are rather sharing a moment with friends. I cannot recommend them highly enough, please do yourself a favor and book them before it's too late!"


Ally + Robert

Private Estate

Saratoga, CA


"Kaylee and Andy were straight up the ultimate MVPs of our wedding day and there are no words that could ever thank them enough! Not only did the find the most beautiful locations to shoot at a venue that they had no way of knowing exactly what to expect (my parent’s home), but they truly embraced all of the good vibes that the bride and groom should be surrounded with on their wedding day. Our wedding party, parents and even random guests are still talking about the positive energy that they brought all the way through the day to the ending on the dance floor. I remember thinking after we got our engagement session pictures back that there was no possible way we could love our wedding pictures more. Then when we got our wedding preview pictures back I was so positive that they would be my favorites of the whole album that I even started sending some to print! Obviously I was wrong, as I just ordered TWO 100+ page albums of all the pictures they captured during our special day. I probably could’ve ordered three albums honestly with as many photos I loved that I still had to cut out. Aside from their mad photog skills, they are two of the kindest, brightest, most compassionate souls I’ve ever met and now consider them friends of both me & my husband! We can’t wait to reconnect with K & A in future years as our own family starts to grow!"

Chelsea Jack Full Wedding Album-Bridal Party-0082.jpg

Chelsea + Jack

Phoenix Botanical Gardens

Phoenix, AZ 


"We had the wonderful pleasure of having Kaylee & Andy shoot our engagement and wedding photos.

It was so much fun getting to play around and be goofy with them during our engagement shoot and the photos turned out perfectly. After seeing those, we knew we made the right pick! Since we had already spent time with them, it made things to much easier on our wedding day. Andy & Kaylee were so much fun and they made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. When we got our wedding album back, we cried. It was so amazing to relive our day through their beautiful work. You can definitely tell that Kaylee & Andy love what they do and it shows! We would recommend them to any bride & groom for their big day!"


Jordan + Shay

Serendipity Garden

Oak Glen, CA 


"Our wedding would not have been complete without Kaylee and Andy. Not only did they take away any nervousness and helped my husband and I feel completely natural in front of the camera, but Andy had us cracking up the entire day and Kaylee was running around the venue getting shots like she owned the place. These guys have so much energy and we got so many comments on how great our photographers were before we even got any photos back!! When we did get our photos back I was so overwhelmed. They were able to tell a story with their photos and I seriously felt like I got to re-live the day all over again. They captured things, I never got to see or that I had forgotten about... not to mention they are the prettiest photos I've ever received. I LOVED every single picture. I could not rave about them enough. Best decision of our wedding!!"


Tori + Dustin

Johnson Ranch

Phoenix, AZ 


"Where do we even begin!?! I remember vividly, our first FaceTime conversation with Kaylee and Andy. They felt like old friends, the relaxed vibe and laughs we had were endless that evening. We can’t say enough about the kindness and professionalism of these two emit! But as beautiful as weddings can be, they’re often fast-paced and require structure. Kaylee and Andy designed the perfect schedule for us to stay on track and ultimately avoid any havoc on our big day, so all of our gorgeous shots were achieved. They’ve exceeded our expectations and left us with photos that literally make our hearts skip a beat! One of the best in the business, worth every penny!"

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