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Frequently Asked Questions

How many weddings have you shot?

Do you help us with our outfits?
Yes! We send out our outfit guide with links to different pieces that we love + visional examples of what works well!

Do you travel for weddings?
YES! Reach out! 

Do you travel for engagements?
Only if we have a wedding in that city at the same time.

Do you have multiple sets of gear?
Yes, double cameras each and many lenses!

What is your background?
Kaylee has been photographing weddings for 10 years and graduated with a commercial photography degree 7 years ago. Andy joined Kaylee as a wedding photographer 6 years ago. 

Our deposits are legally non-refundable.

Do you do Photoshop?
We edit skin blemishes or temporary bruises, acne, scrapes, etc. If you feel self-conscious of anything please be sure to let us know! We'd be happy to be aware of that while giving direction/posing. 

What is your turn around time?
4 weeks for engagements/ other sessions 
3 months for weddings.

Do you have vendors that you love?
Absolutely! We have a recommendation page that we send upon request! We love sharing amazing people in the wedding industry! 

Do you have locations that you love for couples sessions?
Yes, we have amazing spots! Let us know your style / what you are looking for / images that you love from our portfolio and we can recommend spots.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes! We LOVE dogs! Just be sure to bring someone else that can take him/her after about 20-30 min.

Do you shoot together at the wedding? 
On a wedding day, Andy and I will split up for different parts of the day in order to capture the wedding better as a whole! (example: we shoot separately for getting ready, detail shots/cocktail hour, bridesmaids/groomsmen, etc.) However, we love getting to shoot together during a first look, full group bridal party, the ceremony, and reception!


Do you give RAW images?
We give high-resolution Jpegs that are color corrected but do not give any RAWS. 

- Sessions: 100% down to book the date. 

- Weddings: 50% down through PayPal (2.9% cc fee) or Zelle (No fee) and the 50% remaineder is due 30 days before the wedding. 

Travel expenses?
Our package will display if travel expenses are included. 

Do you help with planning?
Yes! Not to the degree of a planner but you can always ask for style tips and if we have worked with different vendors!

How do you pose?
We give direction in the form of movement! Helping the couple to focus on each other and not on the camera but don't worry we get the classics too!

Do you help with the wedding timeline?
Yes, we help you determine a ceremony time first (before invitations go out) so you get the best photos possible and we build out a detailed photo timeline to help organize a calm flow.

First look or no first look?
We love both, just need to plan ahead for the ceremony to be set at the appropriate time with the sunset!

What if there is bad weather on our session?
We can definitely reschedule engagements/couples shoots if we happen to have a heavy rainy day. 

What is your pricing? 
Have you seen our pricing guide?

How do I get in touch?
Hit this link!

I'm not a model neither is my significant other. 
We've found the best albums are made when people just focus on each other. We will give you actions and lots of ways to connect. It is not your job to worry about how you look - we will be your mirror!

How many images do you give us?
700 - 1000 depending on wedding package 
80+ for engagements/ couples/ family sessions.

How Did you and Andy meet?
Check out our story here!


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