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Once there was a little girl who loved photos. 


Her mother presented her with a disposable camera. The little girl carefully snapped twenty-seven images of places and objects. Her greatest life's work, she imagined. 


But, after the film was developed, her mother said, "Try capturing pictures of people you love, too."  


The little girl practiced and practiced. 


Soon she grew up and went off to university. 



He begged her to teach him everything she knew about photography.


"Everything?" she asked. 


"Everything!" he answered. "Ever since I was a kid, I loved photos."


So, she taught him. He practiced and practiced.  She invited him to shoot a wedding. 


One night the boy discovered a magical mountaintop where the stars and the city lights sparkled. He proposed and she said, "Yes!" 


After backpacking through Europe to visit his family, they married on another mountaintop in their hometown.

Along came a boy, who shared three of her classes. What fate! She invited him to coffee.  They talked for hours without overthinking what they said or how they said it. He made her laugh. She made him nervous. 


The boy’s head was full of adventures. He told her stories of his travels and Spanish-Colombian roots. He taught her to eat tapas and dance the cumbia; in turn, she taught him to work hard and keep his promises.  


Photobooth Film Strip Florence 2022_Centered.jpg

Above: Running down the aisle to

"Hello Dolly" on March 4th.

Five years later they still photograph weddings. 


When they aren't traveling, they edit images in their home office. He sings goofy ballads, she brews 24,357 cups of coffee. Some people say, “That must be crazy to work together!” Others say, "That sounds wonderful.” They feel it’s both.


That’s all. (Except for the time the boy's mother called to inform him his great-grandfather was the photographer to the King of Spain, Alfonso the XIII. Genetics are wild.)


Other than name dropping the King of Spain, Kaylee and Andy are two ordinary people. They tell jokes and help their clients to relax in front of the camera. The rawest, most organic, and life-giving images happen when people enjoy themselves. 


Come along and chase the light with them.




Girl and Boy 


(Kaylee and Andy)

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