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"We had the wonderful pleasure of having Kaylee & Andy shoot our engagement and wedding photos. It was so much fun getting to play around and be goofy with them during our engagement shoot and the photos turned out perfectly. After seeing those, we knew we made the right pick! Since we had already spent time with them, it made things to much easier on our wedding day. Andy & Kaylee were so much fun and they made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. When we got our wedding album back, we cried. It was so amazing to relive our day through their beautiful work. You can definitely tell that Kaylee & Andy love what they do and it shows! We would recommend them to any bride & groom for their big day!"




Where do we even begin!?! I remember vividly, our first FaceTime conversation with Kaylee and Andy. They felt like old friends, the relaxed vibe and laughs we had were endless that evening. We can’t say enough about the kindness and professionalism these two emit! But as beautiful as weddings can be, they’re often fast-paced and require structure. Kaylee and Andy designed the perfect schedule for us to stay on track and ultimately avoid any havoc on our big day, so all of our gorgeous shots were achieved. They’ve exceeded our expectations and left us with photos that literally make our hearts skip a beat! One of the best in the business, worth every penny!




"Our wedding would not have been complete without Kaylee and Andy. Not only did they take away any nervousness and helped my husband and I feel completely natural in front of the camera, but Andy had us cracking up the entire day and Kaylee was running around the venue getting shots like she owned the place. These guys have so much energy and we got so many comments on how great our photographers were before we even got any photos back!! When we did get our photos back I was so overwhelmed. They were able to tell a story with their photos and I seriously felt like I got to re-live the day all over again. They captured things, I never got to see or that I had forgotten about... not to mention they are the prettiest photos I've ever received. I LOVED every single picture. I could not rave about them enough. Best decision of our wedding!!"




"100% best decision of our wedding planning was to hire Kaylee Chelsea Photography. My husband is a photographer himself and it was difficult to find a photographer that he approved of & was in our budget. We both fell in love with Kaylee & Andy’s style from their instagram and then after talking with them over FaceTime, we knew that we would enjoy spending our day with them. You will inevitably spend a good amount of your day with your photographers so I cant stress enough how important it is to make sure you enjoy the persons company. I love how great of a team Kaylee & Andy are and how well they go with the flow. My fiancé got a random bloody nose after our sunset pics and Kaylee got out of the car in the middle of traffic to get him napkins!! They also stayed later than contracted which was so nice of them and shows their flexibility and dedication to making sure you get your whole day documented. I could go on and on about the reasons we love Kaylee & Andy but the most important reason to book them is that you will love your wedding photos. I know we will cherish ours for our whole lives and that is absolutely priceless."

Melissa | Novelty Events

"Kaylee and Andy are an incredible team! First of all, you will love them as soon as you meet them! They are so down to earth and genuinely sweet souls. As a husband and wife team, they know exactly what the other is thinking and work seamlessly together. Kaylee even climbed on top of Andy's shoulders to get that perfect shot at my bride's wedding! And the photo's??? Don't event get me started! The photos are absolute perfection! They know just how to capture the emotions and the genuine love between their couples. The couples always look completely natural and at ease. They are organized with a plan when they arrive and an absolute joy to work with. Hire them now. It will be one of the best decisions you can make."




Kaylee and Andy are rays of sunshine! My husband and I were lucky to have them be our wedding photographers this November. They helped keep the mood light and fun on a day that felt a bit chaotic. They were able to keep us laughing and having fun after several rounds of pictures. As a husband and wife duo, it was a help to have them demonstrate poses that capture the romance that is bigger than just the wedding day. I highly recommend them to anyone considering them for a shoot.



"My fiancé and I just had the most amazing experience with our engagement photos out in the Arizona desert! It almost felt like I got married that day by the amount of joy and happiness that Andy and Kaylee made us feel from the entire experience. At first we were feeling a little nervous because it was seriously one of the coldest, windiest, and rainiest days in Phoenix this year. Not only was I wearing thin material dresses, but I had put a lot of pressure on myself to get good photos, especially after spending the entire day getting all glammed up for this important shoot. As soon as we met up with Andy and Kaylee, they completely took all of that stress away. Not only are they the sweetest couple duo, but they display so much confidence and we felt so comfortable while they were taking our photos. I'm so ecstatic that they will be doing our wedding photos because this was the best day ever!!"



Kaylee & Andy are the real deal!!! They love their job, the couples they get to photograph, and they do an AMAZING job at it. They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and to capture your day to the best of their abilities and our wedding photos are unbelievable! on top of all that, they are so fun and so genuine and they fit right in with our fam :) We LOVED working with them and can't say enough good things!



Ahhh... Kaylee & Andy, a team with a dream and damn do they make that dream come true.
When I saw Kaylee Chelsea Photography’s work, I instantly fell in l o v e.
Then when I met the two love birds behind the camera, my heart bursted with so much joy.
Instantly, friends. People who I would ask to take our Christmas photos, invite to our baby showers.
Hands down, God’s creation, the sweetest, kindest, genuine, funniest, match made in Heaven people you will ever get to call friends.
Kaylee & Andy made our wedding day EASY. They made our preparation EASY.
Our day was a blur it went by so fast but these images bring back the day like it was yesterday.
RAW emotions that cycled throughout the day.
Tears and laughs we are so thankful for being captured.
We have no words but thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing AND being apart of the greatest day.


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